What Type Of Curtain Wall Systems Included For Homesdeco Industry?

- Sep 08, 2016-

What Type of curtain wall systems included for Homesdeco Industry?

Homesdeco industry is the professional manufacturer of aluminum & glass system, and curtain wall is one of our most important system, and all the curtain wall products are combined by aluminum structure and glass, today we will sharing our main products in curtain wall system.

Firstly, our curtain wall separeated in two segments, glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall:

For the glass curtain wall, ofcause, made of aluminum frame and glass panel, our main products are including unitized glass curtain wall, hidden frame glass curtain wall, exposed frame glass curtain wall, semi exposed frame glass curtain wall, spider glass curtain wall, full glass curtain wall, glass partition, glass canopy and glass skylight

Most of these products are use double tempered glass (like 5+6A+5mm double tempered clear glass or 6+9A+6mm blue reflective double glass )or laminated glass (Like 5+0.76PVB+5mm tempered laminated glass, 8+1.14PVB+8mm laminated glass), and for some economic project, it can use the single glass, like 6mm tempered clear glass, or 8mm tempered tinted & reflective glass.

Comes to the metal curtain wall, homesdeco also have full experience for this system, and we have the most popular design for aluminum metal curtain wall, named aluminum composite panel curtain wall (also called ACP curtain wall or alucobond curtain wall) and aluminum panel curtain wall (also called aluminum facade cladding). Both of these two items are do NOT have glass and usually be used exterior. What's more, the ACP curtain wall can be full colors, no matter white, orange, red, yellow, green or black are available...

These are all the products we made for curtain wall system, two segments: glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall.

More details, please feel free to contact us as followed:

Email: info@hsdcurtainwall.com

Tel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 135 2840 9815

Next time we will talk about the technical details for glass curtain wall, please do NOT miss it. 

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