What Is The Importance Of The Choice Of The Color Of The Wooden Doors?

- Oct 25, 2017-

What is the importance of the choice of the color of the wooden Doors?
Solid wood Doors is the whole house the most important of a Doors, the color of the Doors is related to the overall mix and guests come in the first impression. Which the Doorsway let Xiaobian to tell you about it
First of all, the color of the Doors with the living room, bedroom furniture with, in order to make people feel the overall coordination. While the wall color needs to have some contrast, so that the room can have a sense of hierarchy, and will not look at the same color, will make people feel that this decoration is too boring.
Secondly, the color of the Doors needs to be integrated with the living room environment. Generally speaking, wooden Doors and furniture in the sofa, curtains, coffee table and other color associated with the larger, as long as the floor is not used too much color is OK. It should be noted that the choice of cold and warm colors. If the whole home environment is warm colors, then the wooden Doors should also choose a warmer color, such as walnut, cherry, teak and so on. When the room environment for the cool colors, the wooden Doors should also choose light, such as mixed oil white, birch and so on.
The color of the ground and the wall should be treated differently, in order to prevent the ground, the wall is too consistent and weaken the sense of room space, then select the Doors when you can make an article in the lighting is good, large room, the choice of dark cherry Doors More able to reflect a more stable effect.
If we do not have the designer to do the guidance, then the wood color is the most insured with a mistake, you can rest assured that bold to try.
Wood Doors heavy "color" is the most important choice, I hope we can choose to their favorite wooden Doors.
Composite Doors: Doors made of three or more materials, solid wood Doors and composite Doors are easily confused, and now the most common solid wood composite Doors on the market are the Doors that were produced by the merger of these two concepts. Good solid wood composite Doors, the general use of medium density board production framework, the internal filler for the fir (or pine), the surface paste natural veneer, consumers must be sure to shopkeepers to ask the material composition, and see the surface work , Can be heard by looking at the means to cut.
Wood Doors: refers to the whole Doors inside and outside the material completely uniform wooden Doors, the original wood Doors selection is very strict, the general material because of its poor performance, can not be used to process the original wooden Doors (such as fir, pine, etc.), so the original wooden Doors in general Choose high-grade hardwood as a manufacturing material, due to the higher value of imported hardwood, so the processing and extra careful, so the price of the original wooden Doors than the general number of Doors.
Solid wood composite Doors are generally the use of modern wooden Doors production process, the use of mechanized means, mass production, and the selection is also more common, therefore, the price is more favorable. The original wooden Doors is a combination of traditional Luban process, the production of artificial machinery combined, fine fine made the Doors, the value of natural relatively high, and the use of the wooden Doors of the tenon structure, reduce the amount of glue used after the completion of almost Less than the unpleasant taste, is a healthy green product.
Its surface is very smooth, easy to clean, fire and moisture, it is suitable for home in various locations. Many people make it and paint the Doors to do, Xiao Bian here to say, it is obviously used longer life, the surface of the paint is more difficult to fall, and the appearance looks more fine, uniform color, no general painting Doors So rough bubbles.
In the general case, the composite paint wooden Doors is more durable and beautiful, people are not perfect, even more so. In daily life should pay attention not often bumps, do not use sharp objects hanging on the Doors of the paint film, will cause a certain damage, affecting the overall appearance of the Doors.
On its own price, workmanship and time-consuming things are not too cheap is that we all know, so it can be said that the composite paint the price of the Doors is higher. But Xiaobian that the Doors and windows of this life will not change for almost a lifetime, more investment is always right, quality is ranked first in the selection criteria.

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