What Are The Requirements For Installation Of Doors And Windows?

- Aug 24, 2017-

What are the requirements for installation of Doors and windows?
             1. Doors  and window frame and fan should be checked before the check whether the channeling, twisting, bending, splitting, if the above situation should be repaired.
2. Doors  and window frame by the side of the brush should be anti-corrosion coating, the other side and fan live should be painted with a clear oil. Brush oil after the classification code flat, the bottom should be pad, pad high. Each floor with the box, fan and fan pad wood panels ventilation, such as open-air piling up, need to cover with a sheet, not sun and rain.
3. Install the outer window should be hanging from the top down vertical, find a good window frame position, up and down should be handled first. Window installation of the debugging, +50 cm line in advance to play well, and the standard installation location on the wall.
4. The installation of the Doors  frame should be verified according to the size of the drawings after the installation, and according to the direction of the opening of the drawings require attention to the direction of the installation. Installation height according to inDoors  50cm flat control.
5. Doors  and window frame installation should be carried out before plastering. The installation of the Doors  and sash should be carried out after the plastering is completed, such as the sill must first be installed should pay attention to the finished product protection, to prevent collision and pollution.
Find the rules of the ball line, find the Doors  and window frame installation location → cover fan and installation model → window frame, fan installation → Doors  installation → Doors  installation
To find the rules of the ball line: structural engineering after passing the test, you can start from the top with a large line hanging vertical, check the window position accuracy, and the pop-up ink on the wall, Doors and windows hole structure protruding window frame when ticking deal with.
1) The height of the window frame should be checked according to the inDoors  + 50cm flat check, so that the window frame is installed on the same elevation.
2) the outDoors  Doors  frame should be installed according to the location and elevation of the drawings, and according to the height of the Doors  set the number of reasonable wood, and each piece of wood should be nailed two 10cm long nails and nail cap should be flattened into the brick, Make the Doors  frame secure.
3) lightweight partition wall should be equipped with concrete blocks of brick to ensure the stability of its Doors and windows installed.
3. Cover and installation model: the sash of the window according to the requirements of the installation to the window frame This process is called the cover fan. The quality of the cover fan according to the assessment criteria to check the gap size, metal location, size and firm, meet the standard requirements as a model, as the acceptance criteria and basis.
4. Bend wire installation window frame fan should consider the thickness of the plaster layer, and according to the Doors and windows size, elevation, location and opening direction, draw the installation position on the wall line. There are paved Doors and windows, vertical box should be with plaster surface flat, there are prefabricated terrazzo windows, should pay attention to the Doors plate out of the wall size to determine the vertical frame position. Neutral windows, such as the external walls of the water brick wall hook, can be slightly moved to cover the brick wall is appropriate.
The installation of the window frame elevation to the wall + 50cm flat line prevail, with a wooden wedge will be temporarily fixed in the window window, in order to ensure that the Doors frame with the straight, should be drawn under the window frame straight line, and use Iron level will be introduced into the cave as a vertical box when the standard, and then line correction correction straight. Huanghua pine frame installed before the first alignment of wood boring hole, easy to nail.

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