What Are The Quality Requirements For Aluminum Windows?

- Jun 26, 2017-

What are the quality requirements for Aluminum Windows?
Building windows and doors are part of the external structure of the building, is the most sensitive parts of the building heat exchange, the unit area of energy consumption is 5 to 6 times the wall, doors and windows of thermal energy loss accounted for more than 40% of the building. There are three ways to heat the heat loss of the windows and doors outside the building: first, heat loss through the aluminum window profile; second, loss of heat through the glass; and third, air convection heat loss through the doors and windows. Therefore, the production of energy-saving Aluminum Windows and windows have to consider from these three aspects.
1, the sealing material insulation doors and windows with the sealant should be selected weathering adhesive, sealing tape should be used to resist ozone corrosion resistance and excellent anti-ultraviolet aging properties of chloroprene rubber products, doors and windows fan to open the overlapping part of the set to be more than three sealant Article.
2, aluminum window profile aluminum window material is hot good conductor, the thermal conductivity of the majority is relatively high. To be made of thermal insulation glass, to choose a heat insulation bridge treatment of the profile, that is, cut off the heat conduction path, in order to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation.
3, glass insulation doors and windows need to use insulating glass, because the hollow glass between the cavity filled with dry, still air, the thermal conductivity greatly reduced, so the insulating glass has excellent insulation, sound insulation and anti-frost , Condensation performance, commonly used insulating glass glass thickness of 5 ~ 6mm, the common cavity thickness of 9mm, 12mm.
Ready to buy Aluminum Windows friends, certainly want to know the current market price of Aluminum Windows. In fact, this problem is wrong, because the price of Aluminum Windows by many factors, so there is no uniform in the market price. Below the aluminum window brand manufacturers to buy Aluminum Windows friends introduced aluminum window price factors.
Aluminum window price factors are the following:
1, thickness
Where the thickness refers to the thickness of the profile and the thickness of the glass, the relative high price of the high thickness, but the thickness is generally not less than 1.2 mm, because this is the national rigid provisions.
2, quality
Quality factors are many, such as: material, thickness, processing technology, the material is generally seen as high-quality aluminum, oxide film. The above point is the thickness of the important factors that affect the price, because the thickness can determine the strength of Aluminum Windows and service life. Processing technology, high-quality aluminum window processing fine, sealed, and the use of the switch freely.
3, brand
Different brands of Aluminum Windows prices are not the same, well-known brands will be relatively expensive, but the quality will be guaranteed. Aluminum Windows market competition gradually intense, there have been many manufacturers of poor quality Aluminum Windows, so we recommend that you still have a certain brand of manufacturers to buy.

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