The Role Of Traditional Building Fence Railings

- Sep 14, 2017-

The role of traditional building fence Railings
Stairs are an important part of modern architectural space, is linked to the upper and lower space of the bridge, its own form, material and color composition and its surrounding space and environmental design are inseparable. This chapter focuses on the basic concepts, basic forms and basic practices of Chinese traditional Railings (slabs) and stair Railings (boards).
The first section of the traditional Chinese construction of the railing (board)
First, the role of traditional building Railings
The main function of the railing (plate) is the enclosure, separation, protection, decoration. Railings original "nose", initially refers to the assembly made of wood shelter, and later gradually use the stone, brick, glass and other different materials. With the rich and varied forms of fence Railings and the development of materials, the Railings were initially used as shelters and evolved into important decorative settings.
Railings are an important category of Chinese ancient architecture decoration, in the building of the platform, the corridor and the water often have Railings, halls, living room, pavilion, floor, water pavilion, etc. are also generally set Railings. The railing also plays an important role in the landscape of the scenery and landscaping. In the garden design, the railing plays the role of the King and the King, the function is like a leaky window, and the image is similar to the flower wall.
General railing
General railing is made by the trailer, Chinese board, hope column, the burden of composition.
l) Search rod: the upper part of the Railings placed components.
(2) Chinese board: Railings in the fence, placed between the column and the hope column, is an important part of the railing, but also the components of the entire railing carved one of the most prominent. Because the fence is used as a decorative carving pattern, very beautiful and beautiful, so also known as Chinese board.
(3) pillar: fence rails between the fence and the column between the column, mainly by the stigma and the pillar of the two parts. The pillar is relatively simple, generally square pillars without carving, looking column changes mainly in the hope of stigma.
1) column classification
The pillars are generally classified according to the staircase of the staircase. The most common look in the form of stigma with lotus head, complex lotus head, pomegranate head, twenty-four gas head, moire, watermark, dragon and phoenix pattern. Folk stairs in the building is more colorful, the use of fruit, animals, characters and even the story of poetry and painting as a decorative theme, highlighting the local characteristics and style.
2) hope stern carved
Looking stern carved with a certain degree of stress and grade points, like the dragon and feast decorated the stigma, only in the important palace building can be used. Therefore, in the official building can only use the specified style. And for the general building, look at the form of stern carving is rich and varied, they are more practical use of the flexible, highlight the local style and affected by the construction environment.
(4) the burden: placed on the ground, at the lowest level of the railing
Rejoining hooks
Reaching column is a kind of Song Railings, which is characterized by two layers of upper and lower board. Re-column hooks by the trailer, chess, gall items, piglets, Chinese board, into the sand, the burden of composition.
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