The Installation Process Of Aluminum Roller Shutter Should Be Paid Attention To

- Jul 04, 2017-

The installation process of Aluminum Roller Shutter should be paid attention to

Aluminum shutter in production and installation process, there are many matters should be paid more attention to, are introduced one by one to you right now, first of all should pay attention to when bezel hole hole, the hole of the shutter is about, is it around the hole is not the same, hole spacing and according to the aluminum shutter used in different places to adjust, fully considering the waterproof, breathable, pervious to light. And curtain, shade because of the edge, so in the process of baking powder must be careful not to show, and the slice because if the production profile of time is longer, and the slice is soft, so pay special attention to when making the slice of protection, don't be crushed deformation.

When processing Aluminum Roller Shutter, each layer must be used with things, so that the liquid can be fully immersed. It is also important to pay special attention when cutting the curtain. It is better to make a professional fixture. Or head will cut rough and may hurt saw blade, saw blade thed loss outweights the gain, and to choose special water cutting machine, in this way can head flat, so that when the time comes can insert it into the waterproof set inside. When making shutters, note that if the width is longer, you must add a full hole in the center, because the longer the shutter is, the softer it will be. If you hit a big wind, it's likely that the curtain will become distorted or even fall off.

Features: aluminum alloy shutter has the main functions of adjusting light, improving the visual comfort, improving indoor air circulation, improving thermal comfort, improving privacy and saving energy consumption. · the blade is made of high quality material, good elasticity, high strength and not easy to deform. · part of the curtain is coated with titanium oxide coating, which can be used to purify the light by uv reaction, which can be used to prevent pollution, antibacterial, deodorizing and clean air.

Aluminum Roller Shutter compared with ordinary cloth art curtain, Aluminum Roller Shutter that can adjust the leaf with flexibility to have the function that the curtain lacks. In shading, aluminum drapes can also regulate the light in the room. In ventilation, the installation of Aluminum Roller Shutter fixed type and the thick texture can enjoy the cool breeze without any other concerns. The float of curtain of curtain is in the indoor life time and time appear, the design of Aluminum Roller Shutter laminated type guarantees the illicit close sex of household; In addition, the aluminium roll shade is completely enclosed as a window, can play the role of acoustic insulation. Aluminum shutter advantage: use aluminum shutter hidden electrical appliances: in the sitting room in the home often installation of air conditioning ark, how to let air conditioning make the one part of indoor harmony, is a lot of people in the practical problems encountered in decorating. This kind of practice is to do a niche for air conditioning, outside mount shutters, when used to open the shutter, aluminum will aluminum shutter closed when not in use, so that air conditioning completely become a part of the home. The Aluminum Roller Shutter discloses a happy feeling: occasionally one evening to visit a friend's house to visit a small garden surrounded by the apartment. Looking up, the window of the friend's house with Aluminum Roller Shutter stands out. Almost all the other curtains are made of cloth, revealing the light or dark, messy light; And the light from that Aluminum Roller Shutter not only has not the slightest trace of messy mystery but also reveals a bit of happiness. Use zinc steel aluminium roller to adjust the light: in the ordinary person's thinking pattern, the only method that adjusts the home sunshine is the curtain, actually not quite. It is a good method to study the way of life of foreign people. The advantage of aluminium roll shade is that by adjusting the Angle of window leaf can adjust the light of indoor, good Aluminum Roller Shutter is practical and beautiful, still save the expenditure of curtain.

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