The Characteristics And Function Of Road Stainless Steel Railings

- Sep 06, 2017-

The Characteristics and Function of Road Stainless Steel Railings
  Road Stainless Steel Railings acts as an important protective facility on the road and plays an important role in road safety. At present, China's traffic pressure increased year by year, making the number of road Railings also has a great increase.
  Here we take a look at the road stainless steel Railings with what advantages:
  1, blocking function: road stainless steel Railings will block bad traffic behavior, blocking pedestrians or bicycles or motor vehicles that are trying to cross the road. It requires Railings have a certain height, a certain density (refers to the vertical bar), but also have a certain strength.
  2, separation function: road stainless steel Railings will be motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic separation, the road in the cross-section on the vertical separation, so that motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians lane, improve the safety of road traffic, Improve the traffic order.
  3, beautiful features: through Railings of different materials, different forms, different shapes and different colors, to achieve harmony with the road environment and coordination.
  4, the warning function: through the installation of Railings on the outline of the simple and neat, to warn the driver to pay attention to the existence of Railings and pay attention to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, so as to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.
  Road stainless steel Railings is not just a simple isolation of the road, the more critical purpose is to flow, traffic and express the city traffic information, the establishment of a traffic rules, maintenance of traffic order, so that urban traffic to a safe, fast, orderly, smooth , The effect of convenience.
Features of stainless steel Railings Introduction:
  It is the most decorative effect of Railings boutique, suitable for the middle of the city road, clean and spacious streets And bright and beautiful Railings, each other Yinghui, built a beautiful landscape, add luster to our city; let our high-grade urban construction to a new level.
    Railings can be divided into two kinds of intermittent and continuous. The former consists of columns, handrails and crossers, the armrest supported on the column; the latter has a continuous handrail, by the armrest, Railings column and base composition. Today we come to discuss with you the type of column and what kind of effect and effect on Railings.
First, the type of column
(1) by function: to wear drawing column, hanging glass column. Brush column and the difference between the glass column, in general, is the difference between the drawing rod clamp and the glass pendant.
The number of drawstring clamps on the draw column can vary depending on the number of threads that the customer needs to wear. There are several different types of glass clips on the glass column.
(2) by material points: stainless steel column, steel column, carbon steel column and acrylic column. Our company is more favorable for the stainless steel column and steel wood column.
Second, the role of columns
(1) column plays a convergence, fixed effect. The interchangeable Railings require columns to connect the left and right sides of the glass or the brushed, and the pillars support the handrails, under the fixed Railings, the column in the Railings, plays a connection, the effect of convergence.
(2) column to increase the effect of decoration works beauty. Some customers believe that continuous Railings beauty is less than the inter-section Railings, the reason with the column in the aesthetic effect, steel and wood columns for indoor, gorgeous and elegant; stainless steel columns for outdoor, simple fashion, both fish and bear's paw The Let's take a look at the project.

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