Technical Details Of Glass Curtain Wall-Hidden Frame Glass Curtain Wall Part A

- Sep 09, 2016-

Hidden frame glass curtain wall technical details-Part A

Glass curtain wall is a complicated system, and it has many technical details which require strictly. For example, the segments division should based on the local wind speed and velocity, air pressure and so on. Today, we will talk about some technical details about hidden frame glass curtain wall system.

1, why it calls hidden frame?

Hidden frame means the aluminum structure frame is hidden behind the glass panel, then you can NOT see the aluminum structure from extirior and it looks more beautiful from outside...

2, What type of glasses can be matched for hidden frame glass system?

Glass is the key factor for the whole system, because it will effect the energy saving coefficient, heat insulation, sound proof and water resistance, so normally we will use the doulbe glass for hidden frame glass curtain wall, like:

Doulbe tempered glass list:

5mm+6A+5mm double tempered clear/reflective/tinted glass

5mm+9A+5mm double tempered clear/reflective/tinted glass

6mm+6A+6mm double tempered clear/reflective/tinted glass

6mm+9A+6mm double tempered clear/reflective/tinted glass

6mm+12A+6mm double tempered clear/reflective/tinted glass

8mm+9A+8mm double tempered clear/reflective/tinted glass

8mm+12A+8mm double tempered clear/reflective/tinted glass

The 6A, 9A and 12A means the space between two panel of glass, 6A is 6mm, 9A is 9mm and 12mm for 12A. All these double glass are tempered and with argon in the middle of the glass, it bring the better sound proof and heat insulation for the building.

Laminated glass list:





PVB means polyvinyl butyral, because of this adhesive material has good impact resistance and adhesion properties, even if the glass is broken, external impact was neither penetrate the glass, scattering glass fragments nor cause bodily injury or property damage, so it's very popular for some high buildings.

But please becareful about that, if the supplier provide the laminated glass with 10mm+0.76PVB+10mm, because 10mm thick glass MUST use the pvb at least 1.14PVB, make sure the adhesive is strong enough.

3, Aluminum structure beam and frame specifications

Aluminum structure beam is primary part for the force, so choose the suitable series beam is important and cost saving. For example, if the building is located near the sea then should choose the big series beam while we will choose small series when the location is far away from sea. All these should be based on the technical calculation and pass the calculation.

Normal series for the aluminum structure beam list:

90mm series: suitable for single glass like 5mm, 6mm and 8mm and far away from the sea.

100mm series: for single glass like 8 and 10mm single glass or 5+5A+5mm doulbe glass.

110mm series: for single glass more then 12mm and double glass 6+9A+6mm.

120mm series: for all double glass and laminated glass, and location can be near the sea.

150mm series: for all double glass, laminated glass and 3 layer glass, and the location can be near the sea.

The above glass types just the normal suggetion, the final one should be based on the technical calculation.

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