Surface Treatment Method For The Aluminum Profile

- Sep 29, 2016-

How Many Surface Treatment Methods For The Aluminum Profile

For aluminum windows, doors, glass curtain wall and other systems, the aluminum alloy is the main part and the aluminum can be in many colors, like black, grey, white, silver and so one... But, different colors are made by different treatments, today, we will talke about how many treatments for the aluminum alloy for aluminum windows, doors, glass curtain wall.

Normally there are 5 methods for aluminum alloy surface treatment:

1, Powder coated

2, Anodizing

3, Electrophoresis

4, Wood transfer

5, PVDF(PolyVinyliDene Fluoride).

The above 5 treatments are the standard choice for aluminum windows, doors, curtain wall, railing and other materials made by aluminum alloy.

Powder coated is the most popilar, since it can be in almost all colors in RAL color sheets, including white, black, green, orange...

What's more, the price is also the most competitive, for example, 1 ton aluminum profile with powder coated in gery color is about 2800 USD to 3100 USD per ton, depends on the aluminum ingot price.

Anodizing is the second popular treatment, most of clients can not distinguish anodizing and powder coated, here provide two photos for compare:

Looks the powder coated is smoothly, while the anodizing looks like the stainless steel polished surface. The price is higher then the powder coated in some years before, but now since the technology of anodizing is becoming more and more mature, these two treatments are almost same price.

Electrophoresis and Wood transfer are only popular in recently years, because the price for both are higher then the powder coated and anodizing, usually about 20%, for example, 1 ton aluminum profile with wood transfer color will come to $3300 to $3800 USD  per ton. Here you shold know that, for wooden color, it can be made by powder coated and wooden transfer, while the price is totally different, and the performance is also big difference.

PVDF (PolyVinyliDene Fluoride) are is the most expensive treatment, usually used for the curtain wall project.

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