Railings What Is The Difference Between A Fence And A Wire Fence?

- May 19, 2017-

Railings Railings and wire fence What are the different railings railings are widely used, can be used in a variety of road construction, Wai block, residential, green building. While the other wire fence is also of great use. Many friends, in the choice of products, for the two is not very understanding, often cause unnecessary trouble.

  Want to buy the right products, first of all for their own choice of products have a general understanding, according to the origin, the use of different, select the appropriate fence products. Wire bar is the same. Can not be confused, then the two are the same, what are the differences, their own summed up some experience for everyone to understand the next.

  First, the fence rails Features:

  Railings Needless to say, the fence is a more common fence products, such as some rail railings, road railings, bridge construction, road construction and other fields, will see their shadow. Using high-quality wire rod, mesh welded together from each other, more robust and stable, used in isolation protection, play a very good help.

  Second, the wire bar features:

  Railings Barbed wire bar, that is, we usually refer to the "protective net", is often used on both sides of the city road guardrail products, it has a modular overall structure, is conducive to construction, installation convenient and fast. It is mainly used in factories, workshops, warehouses, parking lots, commercial areas, public places and other occasions in the protection of equipment and facilities.

  Railings In addition, this wire-like net bar has a distinctive anti-corrosion, durable features, the surface after the steel, spray, dipping and other processing technology, corrosion performance has been greatly enhanced.

  Second, the difference between the two kinds of mesh:

  Railings From the definition of the field, the barbed wire bar is also a fence products, but are more accurate use of the occasion, more features, barbed wire bar, can be processed into a variety of fence products, such as: welding wire mesh, hook flower barbed wire, ginning barbed wire Many models; and the use of more extensive railings, are some railways, bridges, urban greening, district protection which. Size, models are particularly large, we often see one of the products.

  In general, the barbed wire and the railings belong to the protection and protection products, in the application, there is a certain advantage, a comprehensive understanding and analysis of needs, let us fully understand the relevant characteristics of the fence products, the only way we buy Come back to the product, will play a greater role

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