Quality Problems Of Stainless Steel Railings And Solutions

- Jul 12, 2017-

Quality problems of stainless steel Railings and solutions

My company installation process in production of stainless steel Railings summarizes several common quality problems of stainless steel Railings, also puts forward the measures to prevent such problems. The quality of the stainless steel rail problems mainly include the following:

1. Handrail overall rigidity is not enough, with the hand slap handrails have trembling feeling. Solution: due to the selection of pipe wall is too thin, make integral strength is insufficient, should choose wall thickness is greater than or equal to 1.2 mm pipe for armrest. Riser pipe diameter can't too small, when the line segment length is longer than the armrest pillar design should be strengthen measures lateral stability.

2. Stainless steel handrail bend unidiomatic. Solution: processing technology is not high. Should adopt the right-angle bend professional factory, non-standard bend Angle, according to the construction lofting detail of special processing, factory should have a dedicated production equipment.

3. Seam wall by grinding, polishing enough. Surface scratches, pits. Solution: improper product protection, in the cross operation object collisions, scratch. Should be reasonable arrangement of construction process, the final install handrails on late. To protect and isolation, the armrest of completion to prevent foreign body collision and scratches.

4. The armrest of circular arc is not smooth, there are edges. Solution: due to the selection of pipe wall thickness is too thin, easy happening concave flat when processing Angle, and make the tube is not round, and no lining sleeve when butt welding, smooth weld after welding, so easy to summon up on one side of the wall ground, Railings should choose appropriate thickness pipes, butt when additional best lining sleeve.

5. Pipe surface brightness is not enough, color is dark, titanium pipe surface color plating. Solution: should choose qualified pipe. Different type of pipe the element content is different, even in the same factory in titanium plating, its finished product surface color have off color. So we should pay attention to select the same category and grade of stainless steel tube, Railings and titanium plating process quality management should be strengthened.

There is a gap in the pipe connection. The solution: welding should be soldered. Preferably with a lined casing.

7. Pillar is not vertical, not in a straight line, the shaking loose. Solution: spring line, improper installation method. Construction must be accurate to play line to use first level benchmark pillar and fixed on both ends of the correction, and then pull on line according to each post positioning will each pillar fixed. Check the embedded parts should be strengthened before welding, Railings found that there is a problem of buried rod should be reinforced. Should prevent stud the base tube expanding bolt is too short, or facing under the stone material of cement mortar layer is not full. Should strengthen the quality inspection for each working procedure, in order to timely to correct quality problems.

However, there is every reason to believe that the future of China's guardrails will be a boom and become the world's largest consumer of guardrails. China's real estate market in 2011 will surpass the United States as the world's largest market, with the municipal engineering, transportation, construction, development of water conservancy projects and other projects, will provide very huge market for guardrail products. Therefore, the domestic guardrail manufacturers are increasing, many in the financial crisis, the rapid transformation, the development of the domestic market.

The guardrail manufacturer in the process that gives the foreign client, the deep feeling, as the middle one ring of the industrial chain, the profit that obtains is compared with the labor that pays, is embarrassing. Labor intensive, labor cost increases, various cost increases, make factory profit is very little. The market is controlled by others, the profit is carved up by others, so passive, the living space is not worrying? In the face of such situation, the Chinese guardrail industry should be fully aware of the gap of their own, Railings improve product technology content, timely grasp the market trend, the quality of product excellence, constantly for the Chinese industry brand. With brand, have the backbone, can move abroad market, get rid of the situation of others, every right to let China guardrail brand occupy the foreign markets, on this day, will be implemented in the near future, although the road twists and turns, the difficulties, believe that made in China will act!

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