How To Place Aluminum Windows Order? Part A

- Nov 18, 2016-

How To Place The Aluminum Windows Order?

Normally we need to confirm many details of the products when we place an order to supplier, same as the aluminum windows, we also need to discuss with the manufacturer about the followed specification for aluminum windows:


 6063 T5 aluminum alloy. Double check with manufactuer about the material, make sure they will NOT use the Recycled material.


Aluminum windows and doors openning have many different design, like sliding, casement, awning, single/double hung, folding and so on. Whats more, the openning direction is also very import, make sure the manufacturer have a clearly understanding what is your required before place the order. Usually the professional manufacturer will provide the shop drawing to client when confirming the order, like this:

It have the size for width and height, also show the division and directions clearly.

Aluminum Profile Series

Normally the profile series means the width of the profile, for example the sliding windows/doors have 70/80/88/90/100/120/130/150 series, while the casement/awning/tilt and turn windows/doors includs 50/55/60/65/70/80/95 series, see followed:

130 series for sliding door:

80 series for casement windows

Make sure you are clearly know about this details before placing the order, as different series with different price.

Aluminum Profile Type

The aluminum profile types for window and door are have two types: Normal type and thermal break type!

The advantage of thermal break profile is the heat insulation, because the heat from extrior is transmitted through the aluminum profile into the interior, while the thermal break profile have the plastic to seperate the aluminum profile in two parts, then cutoff the hear transmission, see attached:

The price for thermal break profile is almost 20-35% higher then normal type.

Next time we will keep going for the surface treatment, glass type and hardware type...

To be continued...

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