How To Do The Aluminum Windows Are Not Corroded

- Aug 24, 2017-

How to do the Aluminum Windows are not corroded
Aluminum Windows amount of anti-corrosion measures:
First, the installation of Aluminum Windows during the construction of aluminum alloy profiles need to protect the necessary protective tape
Second, the wall construction mortar as far as possible not to use the sea sand, while in the construction process of the Aluminum Windows profiles and wall openings to do the location of anti-corrosion treatment, generally such as anti-bump and waterproof measures can play a preservative effect, Is also a more feasible method.
Third, the Aluminum Windows construction process to be waterproof, moisture measures! Generally for the Aluminum Windows frame and the wall of the gap should be used sound insulation moisture, non-corrosive materials.
Fourth, the construction of Aluminum Windows need to be cleaned when the profile, tear off the protective film, remove the wall construction on the surface of cement and lime mortar. Clean the dirt generally use a neutral detergent cleaning, can also use the fiber brush to remove the attached dust, shall not use sandpaper, steel ball brush for grinding.
Aluminum Windows is a style of the window, originated in China. Our company is the professional manufacturer of Aluminum Windows, the following Xiaobian give you about the Aluminum Windows with those who do not intend to effect.
1, beautiful and energy-saving, simple and neat Aluminum Windows can be completely put away, the window view at a glance, the window is simple and generous. Curtains take up part of the window space, making the width of the visual windows of the house affected, it is cumbersome.
2, the protection of privacy: the direction of the blade to block the outside line of sight, while at the same time, blocking the top from the outside sight of the night, the blade convex to the room, the shadow will not be reflected to the outside.
3, clean and safe, clean and convenient: usually only need to wipe the cloth can be cleaned when using neutral lotion. Do not have to worry about fading, discoloration.
4, Dongnuanxialiang: the use of good insulation materials, effectively maintain the indoor temperature, to achieve the purpose of saving energy. (Note: only a small number of brands of good reputation products to ensure that this, the appearance of beauty does not mean everything) simple free angle adjustment, control the light into the leaves to adjust the angle to control the incident light, you can adjust the leaves to The most suitable location.
5, blocking the UV: the effective blocking of ultraviolet light into the protection of furniture from the impact of ultraviolet light and fade. Compared with the curtains, Aluminum Windows that can be flexible adjustment of the leaves with the lack of curtains function. In the shade, the Aluminum Windows in addition to the resistance to ultraviolet radiation, but also to adjust the indoor light; in terms of ventilation, Aluminum Windows fixed installation and thick texture, you can enjoy the cool breeze without any other concerns; When the indoor life is hidden, the Aluminum Windows layer of the design is to ensure that the privacy of the home; In addition, the Aluminum Windows is completely closed when more than a window, can play the role of noise insulation.
Above is the Aluminum Windows with those who do not intend to effect, I hope to help you, our company will, as always, carry forward the integrity-based, quality and reliable quality service for you to create fashion, elegant, heart of the warm home. We will be quality products and excellent service and the community, to build a better home.
On the Aluminum Windows is too dense affect the air conditioning cooling effect: air conditioning outside the machine to be installed on the Aluminum Windowsill users, the best time to install the master of the Aluminum Windows "leaves" separated by a split, neither affect the degree of beauty, "leaves" also Not so dense, ventilation effect is good, the impact of air conditioning cooling effect is not big. To achieve rapid cooling, air conditioning inside the machine installation location also pay attention to the square of the house is best installed in the middle of the house, the rectangle is best installed in the wide side, so that can achieve rapid cooling, but also save some electricity; When the air conditioning can also be the maximum wind speed, the temperature transferred to the lowest, the room temperature will quickly come down, after a while back to 24 to 25 degrees

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