How To Choose The Balcony Railings

- Jul 24, 2017-

How to choose the balcony Railings

On the balcony Railings, we in the choice is selected according to the different place to, only in this way can guarantee the use effect of the final, so very important. So to consider when choosing what conditions are good places, today we are elegant Railings to introduce to you, when choosing so you won't have any problem. The first is to pay attention to the height of the good place, use at different heights of the balcony Railings need to size is different, so we should according to the specific situation to make the right choice, it can reach the use effect is good, for the protection of the people will be more thoughtful, so in the choice of when must pay attention to these factors. Secondly when considering place also should pay attention to the surrounding buildings style and its own style, under the condition of different styles, we suit to use the balcony Railings is different, it must pay attention to the good, when operating in this way can we achieve good adornment effect, so places will be more beautiful. The above two points we must consider when choosing the balcony Railings, so that you can use very well. Our elegant Railings focus two things: one is to make the balcony like rod, the second is to do better balcony Railings.

Outdoor balustrades can be found in balconies, parks, Bridges, shopping malls and squares. The role of outdoor Railings is also mainly for safety protection. Therefore, the installation of such safety guardrails should be subject to certain specifications. How should the outdoor Railings be installed? When installing outdoor Railings, we need to know the installation steps and methods of outdoor Railings:

Outdoor Railings

I. outdoor Railings construction preparation

1. Review the drawings, find out the required materials, the form and height of the Railings, and the embedded parts to see if there are any special requirements

2, the corresponding drawings look at the construction side of rail, including the civil whether it was already finished surface (determine the height of the rail have to do), the rail size segmentation whether is the same as the drawing segmentation.

Ii. Paint construction

1. Structural treatment, grinding of metal components with sharp edges, grinding round of chamfering, removal of spatter, welding and smoothing of weld holes.

2. Surface treatment, remove the material that is harmful to the coating, especially the oxide coating, rust, soluble salt, oil and water, etc., which are the causes of the rusting.

3. Primary treatment, after the surface treatment is completed, use the grinding sandpaper to clean the powder and then grind it with abrasive paper, the first time the atomic grey, the grinding light, the second time the atomic ash and the polishing. The surface roughness should be paid attention to the surface roughness during the primary treatment. The surface roughness increases the surface of the coating layer and increases the adhesion of the coating layer to the substrate. The roughness can't be too large, otherwise the coating thickness can be caused by the insufficient thickness of the coating at the peak, causing the early erosion, and trapping the bubble in the deep pit to become the root of the coating bubbling.

4. Primer, spray primer, color, repair the atomic ash polish. Spray paint a second time to repair the atomic ash polish.

Outdoor Railings

1. Finish the paint, paint the first coat of paint, and grind the water sandpaper, until the third time.

2. The size of the glass must be measured by four sides. The rectangle must be measured in opposite angles. Glass dimensions cannot be full size must be based on site scale. The size of the hole glass is not only the four sides, but also the outer edge of the glass to the hole center distance.

3. The installation of glass, determine that the installation of the construction has no influence on the glass installation. To clean up the mounting surface, it cannot be like a hard object, such as a pebble. The glass cushion must be used for the purpose of a special glass cushion, which cannot be replaced by hard objects of hard resin. Glass that is installed with glass, can't tighten the glass nail, too tight will make the glass crack. Pay attention to the finished product protection when installing glass.

4. When the glass needs to be fixed with glue, it must be noted that neutral glue must be used. The construction of glue must be full and must not have a concave drum.

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