HomesDeco Engineers Visit Dhaka BD For Project Measurement And Building Materials Consultant

- Sep 06, 2016-

During July 24th to 31th 2016, HomesDeco sent one team of our engineers to Dhaka city of Bangadesh, to provide one stop solution service for our customers: project josite measurement, provide solutions for curtain wall, aluminium window and door. 

Customers gave high appreciate to our visit and service. And through the visit, HomesDeco got deeper knowledge and understanding of market requirement for building materials ( curtain wall, aluminium window and door, railing), this helps us provide better service and solution for customers. 

We noticed Bangladesh is a big market to us, HomesDeco have decided to put more time and energy and human resource to development this market. In the coming monthes, we will have many new products be designed and produced for this market. We are also planning develop our Franchisee in local.

Announcement before visit:

Jobsite measurement:

Curtain wall solution:

We found local people are very friendly, honesty, hospitable:


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