Home Decoration Aluminum Louvers Buy Raiders

- Aug 03, 2017-

Home decoration Aluminum Louvers buy Raiders
Doors and windows is an important channel of the family, plays the role of ventilation and security, so when the purchase, the need to consider all aspects of integration. For most of the new owners, doors and windows to buy is a strange thing. Therefore, Xiaobian feel the following Aluminum Louvers to buy Raiders is very meaningful, can help you solve doubts.
Applicability: kitchen bathroom with aluminum doors
As the kitchen and toilet often have water, so ask the installation of the door with a corrosion-resistant chemical resistance, so the Aluminum Louvers are very suitable. Under normal circumstances, in the kitchen and toilet, balcony, wardrobe, study and other space used by the door to the majority of aluminum doors.
The relationship between the type of Aluminum Louvers and the floor
1-6 floor, often choose light-colored titanium magnesium alloy sliding doors, glass selection of double-layer of white glass, one of the safety, the second light bright, such as white, crystal swimming, etc .; 7-12 floor, often use the relevant bright Color, such as amber, sandblasting iron gray, ash, electrophoresis champagne, light is not dazzling, is conducive to sleep and rest; people above the 12th floor, the general first with white maple, white oak, Dalbergia, red sandalwood, red Acid and other colors. Through the Yuan titanium magnesium alloy sliding door product line, it is easy to get it!
In fact, the purchase of Aluminum Louvers door is relatively simple and intuitive, first of all depends on whether the color and their home furnishings are consistent, the second to see the thickness of the gate, the general thickness is 1.0mm on it, three look at the style is suitable for your home improvement style, four Understand the pricing method, or prone to disputes. General door sales are calculated according to the door area, some consumers understand the area by the facade, the results of the dispute.
Doors and windows as the building of the outer objects, need to play the role of wind and rain, so the installation process, the need for good control of Aluminum Louvers. The following is the United States Pavilion doors and windows for everyone to collect the Aluminum Louvers waterproofing 10 skills, hoping to help the installation staff.
First: As the general Aluminum Louvers are concave structure, the top of the window must do drip olecranon, to prevent the occurrence of rain capillary phenomenon.
Second: Aluminum Louvers around from the window around 300MM to be coated with waterproof coating (asphalt), in the waterproof coating before the use of the location to be coated with the ash after cleaning the lead water oil.
Third: Aluminum Louvers around the use of waterproofing agent to add a concrete seal, please be sure to add waterproofing agent, because the ordinary concrete in the solidification of concrete due to water after the reaction of water, the internal hole, the water will penetrate from the hole Indoor, while the addition of waterproofing agent inside the concrete is dense, will not seepage.
Fourth: Aluminum Louvers around the box with other materials to fight the location of the waterproof sealant.
Fifth: all open the top of the window to add water board, to prevent the rain from the opening up the seam into the room.
Sixth: glass and Aluminum Louvers box to seal the sealant, do not use the tape.
Seventh: the bottom of the Aluminum Louvers is best to design a boss, the surface of the boss is located behind the glass surface, so that the water from the surrounding pool will not flow along the windowsill to the room.
Eighth: the top of the Aluminum Louvers and the windows of the windows of the window should be designed to face outward rather than up, and the sill plate must also be designed to have outward slope.
Ninth: If the single glass, Aluminum Louvers at the bottom of the glass should be designed in the quarter of the condensate diversion hole.
Tenth: Aluminum Louvers on both sides should pay attention to the second, third, fourth on it.
In the installation of Aluminum Louvers, the construction should be strictly done around the interface processing, according to the actual engineering experience, pay attention to the above 10 tips, Aluminum Louvers will not be missed.

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