High Quality Aluminum Louvers To Buy Those Points!

- Jun 26, 2017-

High quality Aluminum Louvers to buy those points!
How to determine the merits of Aluminum Louvers? Whether it is aluminum interior doors or aluminum windows, decoration owners in the purchase of such products must be noted that the following points:

First, the use of materials: aluminum louver main materials generally include three aspects: aluminum, glass, hardware, the owners in the purchase of products, often pay more attention to the thickness of aluminum and glass, and hardware requirements are not very high , It is not comprehensive. In fact, the state of the requirements of the aluminum shutters is a certain standard. High-quality Aluminum Louvers used in aluminum, its thickness, strength and oxide film generally meet the national standards, such as the relevant provisions of the state requirements: Aluminum Louvers aluminum wall thickness should be not less than 1.2mm above the oxide film thickness should be Reaching 10 microns.

The tempered glass is better than ordinary glass, if the safety of doors and windows and durability considerations, stainless steel hardware accessories than aluminum accessories, and the best choice of pulley POM material products, because such products have a higher strength And wear resistance, the use of smooth process, not easy to bad. You know, windows and doors damage is usually from the doors and windows accessories start yo!

Second, the processing: with a good material, the next step is the processing of doors and windows. As the technical content of aluminum shutters is not high, the degree of mechanization is not high, most also rely on the manual installation of workers, which requires operators to have a good sense of product quality. It is important to strengthen the proficiency and product awareness of the operator in the production process. High-quality aluminum shutters, fine processing, tangent smooth, consistent angle (the main frame is usually under the circumstances was 45 degrees or 90 degrees), in the process of splicing should not be more obvious gaps, sealing performance, smooth switch.

Low-grade Aluminum Louvers, especially aluminum alloy outdoor window products if the processing failed, there will be sealing the nature of the problem, not only leaks, but also in the strong wind and large external force, the glass will burst, shedding phenomenon, Resulting in the loss of property and even hurt the phenomenon.
Aluminum lacquered the core parts of the use of sealing tape, airtight than ordinary aluminum shutters 3 times. Closed excellent, to achieve the desired sound insulation effect, so that we can in the hustle and bustle of the city alone to keep their share of the quiet world.

Performance: Aluminum Louvers are not accepted by the market because they do not take up indoor space and push and pull the advantages of light and so on. At present the aluminum louver market is the main sales volume of aluminum shutters. However, as the market situation continues to evolve and evolve. Old profile has been unable to meet the needs of the market, the transformation of the potential potential of the profile.

For the current situation in China and the characteristics of the industry, Aluminum Louvers in the traditional two-ring plastic window on the basis of the introduction of the national patent of the new products, the traditional two sealed Aluminum Louvers had a great impact. After the national professional and technical supervision departments of the authority of the test, its indicators are more than the national standard, to the national high-performance doors and windows one or two ranks, air tightness of 90m3 / mh: 0.8, higher than the traditional aluminum shutters 3 times, Sealed, dustproof effect in the international are also in a leading position, energy efficiency even more than the traditional aluminum shutters. Become the first new generation of building energy-saving environmental protection Aluminum Louvers, modern Aluminum Louvers industry's leading high-tech products, leading the development of modern plastic window the main trend!

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