Glass Curtain Wall Function

- May 19, 2017-

 Glass Curtain Wall Glass curtain wall function Glass curtain wall refers to the structure by the support structure can be relative to the main structure of a certain displacement capacity, does not share the main structure of the role of the building outside the envelope or decorative structure. The walls are made of single and double glass. Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and innovative architectural wall decoration method, is a modernist high-rise architectural era of significant features. According to FLAP statistics, according to the Bird Conservation Volunteer Organization in 2013, only one million to nine million migratory birds died each year in the Toronto area.

  Glass Curtain Wall Modern high-rise building glass curtain wall used by the mirror glass and ordinary glass combination, compartment filled with dry air or inert gas hollow glass. Insulating glass has two layers and three layers of the two layers of insulating glass by two layers of glass sealing frame to form a sandwich space; three glass is composed of three layers of glass composed of two sandwich space. Insulating glass with noise, heat insulation, anti-frost, moisture, wind strength and other advantages. It was measured that when the outdoor temperature was -10 ° C, the temperature before the single-glazed window was -2 ° C, and the room temperature of the three-layer insulating glass was 13 ° C. In the hot summer, double-layer insulating glass can block 90% of the solar radiation heat. The sun can still through the glass curtain wall, but the sun will not feel most of the heat. The use of hollow glass curtain wall of the room can be Dongnuanxialiang, greatly improved the living environment.

  Glass curtain wall is a new type of wall, it gives the building's biggest feature is the architectural aesthetics, architectural features, building energy efficiency and building structure and other factors organically united, the building from different angles showing a different tone, with the sun , Moonlight, light changes give people the dynamic beauty. In the world's major cities are built magnificent glass curtain wall construction, such as the New York World Trade Center, Chicago Oil Building, Sears Tower are using a glass curtain wall. Hong Kong Bank of China Building, Beijing Great Wall Hotel and Shanghai Friendship Building have also been used.

  Glass Curtain Wall Reflective insulation glass thickness of 6 mm, wall weight about 50kg / ㎡, a light and beautiful, easy to pollution, energy conservation and other advantages. Curtain wall of the outer side of the glass coated with colored metal coating, from the appearance of the whole picture is like a mirror, the sky and the surrounding landscape into which the light changes, the image of colorful, endless changes. In the light of the reflection, the room is not subject to strong light, visual soft. China was first used in Beijing Great Wall Hotel in 1983.

  Those who have been to the New York City in the United States will be impressed by their bustling metropolitan style, and the towering skyscrapers are spectacular, and the glass curtain walls of the whole body are cloudy with blue sky and flying clouds. Brilliant colors. So, how is the glass curtain made of it? Glass curtain wall refers to the mirror as a decorative facade of the building, it is in the float glass composition to add trace amounts of Fe, Ni, Co, Se, etc., and made of steel color transparent plate glass, it can absorb infrared, Into the indoor solar radiation, reduce the indoor temperature. It can reflect the light as a mirror, but also like a glass through the light

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