Glass Curtain Wall Design Basics

- Jun 26, 2017-

Glass Curtain Wall design basics
 Glass Curtain Wall as an integral part of the building envelope, whether it is high-grade buildings, or ordinary residential, have given a different architectural functions and requirements. Only to meet the building effect, rain, lighting, ventilation, vision, thermal insulation, sound insulation and other functions, in order to provide people with comfortable, quiet indoor environment, to achieve sustainable social development requirements. Glass Curtain Wall is now the most widely used class of Glass Curtain Wall, the following on how to design to meet the building requirements and function of the Glass Curtain Wall put forward some basic ideas and views.
First, the construction of Glass Curtain Wall
Glass Curtain Wall is the building unit, is the facade effect of decorative symbols, and ultimately reflect the characteristics of the building. Although different buildings on the Glass Curtain Wall design has different requirements, Glass Curtain Wall large variety of sub-grid, but still can find out some laws.
1. Glass Curtain Wall facade grid to meet the aesthetic characteristics, sub-grid design, to consider the following factors
(1) the coordination of the proportion of grid. For a single glass plate, the aspect ratio as close as possible to the golden section ratio, should not be designed into a square and aspect ratio of 1: 2 or more long rectangular, bright son height is generally high 1/4 to 1/5, Big or too small
(2) Glass Curtain Wall facade sub-grid should not only have a certain law, but also reflect the changes in the change in the law; sub-grid lines have a degree of density; equidistant, and other size division shows rigorous, solemn, serious; Equidistant free division shows rhythm, lively and dynamic;
(3) at least the same room, the same wall Glass Curtain Wall horizontal grid lines should be in the same level, vertical lines as far as possible alignment;
(4) Glass Curtain Wall facade design to consider the overall effect of the building requirements, such as the actual situation of the building contrast, light and shadow effects, symmetry and so on.
2. The color of the Glass Curtain Wall (including the color of glass and profiles) The color of the Glass Curtain Wall is an important part of the final effect of the building. The color of the Glass Curtain Wall should be matched with the architectural characteristics. Division, owners and other parties agreed.
3. Glass Curtain Wall of the individual design can be based on the customer's different hobbies and aesthetic point of view, designed a unique Glass Curtain Wall facade modeling.
4. Glass Curtain Wall permeability of the Glass Curtain Wall facade in the main part of the line of sight within the height range (1.5m ~ 1.8m or so) is best not to set the horizontal frame and mullion, so as not to block the line of sight. Some Glass Curtain Walls require high light transmittance glass or require a large open field of view, easy to watch the outdoor landscape.
5. Glass Curtain Wall lighting and ventilation Glass Curtain Wall ventilation area and the number of activities to meet the building ventilation requirements; while the Glass Curtain Wall lighting area should also meet the "building lighting design standards" (GB / T50033-2001) requirements and architectural design The requirements of the map. Article 4.2.4 of the Standard for Energy Efficiency Design of Public Buildings (GB 50189-2005) stipulates that the area ratio of windows to each window shall not be greater than 0.70. When the window area ratio is less than 0.40, the visible light transmittance of the glass should not be less than 0.4.
Second, the Glass Curtain Wall safety design
1. Glass Curtain Wall aluminum wall thickness requirements Window with aluminum wall thickness in line with the current national standard high-precision level, the minimum wall thickness of components ≥ 1.4mm. 1, the Glass Curtain Wall force bar (such as sliding window of the hook hook enterprises, in the column, with a bright decline, with bright on the slide, double winger, etc.) must undergo a rigorous compression calculation, the profile as a force bar The wall thickness of the profile shall be selected by calculation according to the conditions of use. The members of the Glass Curtain Wall shall be tested or calculated.
2. Glass Curtain Wall glass safety design
(1) the choice of glass: glass thickness determined by calculation, and should not be less than 5mm. Construction of the following parts of the Glass Curtain Wall must use safety glass (tempered glass or laminated glass):
(A) 7 floors and 7 floors above the building outside the window;
(B) window glass with an area greater than 1.5㎡;
(C) the floor of the glass bottom edge of the final decoration surface is less than 500mm;
(D) inclined windows with a horizontal angle of less than 75 ° inclined roof and more than 3 m from the interior of the room.

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