Curtain Wall Features And History

- May 19, 2017-

Curtain Wall Curtain wall features and history of the curtain wall is the building of the external walls of the envelope, do not bear the weight, like the curtain hanging up, it is also known as the "curtain wall", is a modern large and high-rise buildings with decorative effect of light wall. By the panel and the support structure of the system can be relative to the main structure of a certain displacement or their own have a certain deformation capacity, does not assume the main structure of the role of the building outside the envelope or decorative structure (external wall frame support system is the curtain wall system Of a).

  Curtain Wall The curtain wall is the use of a variety of strong, lightweight, beautiful building materials to replace the traditional masonry or window wall combined with the wall method, is surrounded by the main structure of the entire building to make the whole building to achieve a beautiful, safe and safe use of the function Wall method. In short, the building is wearing a beautiful coat. The curtain wall covers the exterior walls of the building, the roof (hood) and the awning.

  1, the curtain wall is an independent and complete overall structure system;

  2, the curtain wall is usually used in the main structure of the outside, are generally covered in the main structure of the surface above;

  3, the curtain wall relative to the main structure in the plane have a certain amount of micro-movement.

  Building decoration curtain wall as early as 150 years ago (the middle of the 19th century) has been used in construction projects, due to the material and processing technology at that time, the curtain wall is not absolute watertight, air tightness, resistance to a variety of natural forces (Such as wind, earthquake, temperature), thermal physical factors (thermal radiation, condensation) and noise, fire and other requirements, has not been a good development and promotion.

  Curtain Wall Since the 1950s, due to the rapid development of building materials and processing technology, various types of building materials developed successfully, such as the invention of various sealants and other sound insulation, the emergence of fire fill material, a good solution to the building The external requirements of the curtain wall requirements, and gradually become a contemporary trend of contemporary architectural decoration.

  Today, the curtain wall is not only widely used in the external walls of various buildings, but also used in various functions of the building wall, such as communication room, TV studio, airport (airport), large station, gymnasium, museum, cultural center, Hotels, large shopping malls and so on.

  Curtain Wall In the future, due to the combination of curtain wall technology and technology, in response to the call of global energy-saving emission reduction, intelligent curtain wall, such as solar photovoltaic curtain wall, ventilation curtain wall, induction wind and rain intelligent curtain wall, will show the unique charm of the building.

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