Consumers Choose Solid Wood Doors What Is The Value?

- Oct 16, 2017-

Consumers choose solid wood Doors what is the value?
Solid wood Doorss are now one of the more popular products in the wooden Doorss industry, then it is solid wood Doorss? Solid wood Doorss and what advantages, so to attract consumers?
Solid wood Doors refers to the production of wood Doorss from the forest of natural logs or solid wood aggregate, after drying, cutting, planing, open tenon, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, grinding, painting and other processes of scientific processing to make.
Solid wood Doors manufacturers Description: Solid wood Doorss have a very good performance advantage. Because the solid wood Doors material is the use of natural logs, so with a natural color and texture, beautiful appearance, elegant. Solid wood Doors processing is not used to add any chemical substances of wood, holding wood flavor, no harmful substances volatile, and environmental protection, and can carved, playing grid, shape processing flexible and three-dimensional, hardness, ever-changing. At the same time, solid wood Doorss have a good appeal, so the sound insulation is better. And solid wood Doorss of the grain texture and color will be more real and natural. This is also the main reason why many consumers are keen to choose solid wood Doorss.
China's Doors industry is developing rapidly, the full range. In 2009 by the international financial crisis, the development of many industries there have been varying degrees of decline, the Chinese Doors industry in the wood industry has maintained a 30% growth rate, the output value in 2010 reached 700 billion yuan.
In the electric Doors products, industrial Doorss, garage Doorss, shutter Doorss and other market use is also the rate of 20% to 30% growth; 2009 to sliding Doorss, revolving Doors-based automatic Doorss, annual sales amounted to 2 billion yuan RMB.
According to statistics, there are 102 brands in mainland China, 20 large manufacturers, 11 international brands, in the high-end market, the current foreign brands still have an advantage in the mid-market with foreign brands market share evenly divided.
According to the latest statistics of China Construction Metal Structure Association, the annual output value of China's Doors industry is above RMB 100 billion. China Construction Metal Structure Association, said Yao Bing, the Chinese market is very large, which is China's Doors industry development potential. Single Chinese residential Doors, each year there are about 270 billion market capacity, coupled with industrial Doorss, commercial Doorss and so on.
But compared with foreign counterparts, China's brand gap, compared with the international famous brands, brand advantage need to make up classes. Market requirements of the Doors more and more high, the Doors industry manufacturers can not only meet the traditional requirements, in addition to meet the isolation, shielding, security, opening and other functional requirements, but also to meet the requirements of circular economy to meet the requirements of low-carbon economy. This is also the Doors industry development and the potential for revitalization.
Analysts believe that Doors products to achieve sustainable development, environmental protection is very critical and important. As a building energy consumption of the Doors products, the national industrial policy requirements, improve people's quality of life requirements.
The Doors of the processing process is environmentally friendly, the use of materials are environmentally friendly, the use of the Doors have environmental problems. But there are still many Doorss in the manufacturing sector, including some large enterprises there are poor environmental conditions, dust, odor, environmental indicators and other issues.
It is shown that Doorss and windows as an important part of building maintenance, the energy consumption of the entire building more than 30% of energy consumption, therefore, building energy efficiency, energy saving Doorss and windows can not be ignored an important part.
Solid wood composite Doors is the Doors by the pine, fir or imported filler material and other bonding, the external density board and solid wood veneer.
Steel-wood composite Doors is the Doors with a steel plate after a molding, and then with the solid wood frame and the filler made of the Doors is called steel-wood composite Doorss. Its main feature is not easy to deformation, in the anti-insect moth effect is outstanding, while the price is cheaper. Steel-wood composite Doorss in the use of the process to pay special attention to scratch, a film forming the steel Doors fan coated with paint, very nice, but once the scratch, make up the paint looks incomplete, affecting the overall beauty degree.

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