Building Windows And Doors Glass Curtain Wall Ecological Technology Development In Three Directions

- Jun 19, 2017-

Building windows and doors glass Curtain Wall ecological technology development in three directions
Sustainable development is an important concept of the contemporary world, green building more and more people's attention. Although the glass Curtain Wall thermal performance compared with ordinary windows have greatly improved, but it is still a weak part of building energy consumption. The development of glass Curtain Wall ecological technology is of great significance.
    From the composition elements and constitute the way, the development of glass Curtain Wall ecological technology includes three directions:
    1) construction technology; 2) material technology; 3) control technology.
 Construction technology
    1.1 ventilation Curtain Wall
    1.1.1 Composition of ventilation Curtain Wall
    Ventilated Curtain Wall consists of two layers of glass Curtain Wall inside and outside, or called double Curtain Wall, breathable Curtain Wall, hot channel Curtain Wall. Compared with the traditional Curtain Wall, its biggest feature is the two walls between the two walls have a ventilation, due to the air circulation in the air circulation, so that the temperature of the inner Curtain Wall close to the indoor temperature.
    1.1.2 principle of ventilation Curtain Wall
    Ventilated Curtain Wall with chimney effect principle, from the functional to solve energy conservation problems. Due to the role of the ventilation layer, it is about 50% less energy than the single-layer Curtain Wall; ventilation Curtain Wall glass can use colorless transparent glass or low-reflective glass, but also to minimize the glass reflection of light pollution; The sound insulation is good, you can keep the room has a quiet environment; regardless of the weather is good or bad without windows, ventilation can be directly to the natural air to the indoor, to provide fresh air for the room to improve indoor comfort, reduce air conditioning Equipment brought about by the various drawbacks.
    1.1.3 ventilation screen
    Ventilated Curtain Wall according to the different structure of the ventilation layer can be divided into "closed internal circulation system" and "open external circulation system" two.
    Closed internal circulation system Ventilated Curtain Wall The outer layer is, in principle, completely closed, consisting of a heated profile and insulating glass, and its inner layer is generally a glass Curtain Wall or openable window consisting of a single layer of glass. Ventilation between the two walls of the ventilation layer 100mm-200mm. Ventilation through the inner glass under the ventilation layer and the ceiling part of the ventilation system connected to the bottom of the forced air circulation, the indoor air part of the ventilation into the ventilation layer, so that the inner Curtain Wall glass temperature reached or close to the indoor temperature , To achieve energy-saving effect.
    In the channel set adjustable shutter or curtain, can effectively adjust the lighting and shade, in the room to create a more comfortable environment.
    Enclosed internal circulation system Ventilated Curtain Wall application examples such as the British Lloyd's Corporation headquarters building, the United States Western Chemical Center building.
    Open-type external circulation system Ventilation Curtain Wall The outer layer is a single-layer glass and non-heat-resistant profiles of the glass Curtain Wall, the inner layer is composed of insulating glass and heat-resistant Curtain Wall. Inside and outside the two walls of the formation of ventilation walls at both ends of the inlet and exhaust with the device, the channel can be set up shade device.
    In winter, close the ventilation and drainage at both ends of the inlet and outlet, the air in the air in the sun under the temperature rise, the formation of a greenhouse to reduce the heating costs of the building.

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