Analyze The Competition Of Two Major Products In The Aluminum Windows Market

- Aug 03, 2017-

Analyze the competition of two major products in the Aluminum Windows market

In recent years, the average consumer faces the real estate developer and some architectural design department to publish about the aluminum, plastic door products who the good who inferior topic is not comfortable. Isn't it? Early aluminium window of aluminium alloy window just come out, compare with the real abdominal steel window of earlier period and hollow steel window, the adornment sex of light and beautiful and graceful indeed attract a lot of consumers to be attracted to the flock. But over time, the test of spring, summer, autumn and winter snow rain, the original aluminum alloy window defects have been exposed, especially the thermal conductivity strong, the disadvantage of poor heat preservation is a complaint.

Aluminum alloy Windows have the largest share of market share because of the wide range of aluminum alloy window products in China.

Although some parts of aluminum alloy product quality in a certain period of time or by ordinary people, but because of people's living standard, limited the restriction of the economic conditions, in quite some consumers, aluminium window frames are still their preferred products.

Although the vast majority of aluminium window now is still the common aluminum single-layer glass installation, like a broken bridge function is equipped with a hollow glass aluminum aluminium window ratio is less than 20% of the total aluminium window market, aluminium window or account for about half of architectural aluminium window product market activities.

Plastic Aluminum Windows products are the emerging building Aluminum Windows products developed under the support of national industrial policy. After 20 years of development, various products have entered thousands of families. But due to the rising prices of raw materials and the irregularities of some operators, the plastic aluminium window industry is facing a severe test.

Some fire doors, factory gates, including security doors and colour steel production, are all attributed to steel products, huang explained. In addition, due to the use of steel Windows in some parts of the countryside, the real abdominal steel Windows or hollow steel Windows in the past are still produced in some areas, but there are not many.

Not long ago, China construction metal structure association Du Zonghan statistical data, according to the authoritative data shows, architectural aluminium window products in China market, aluminum products accounted for the largest percentage of aluminium window, 55%; The second is the plastic Aluminum Windows, the proportion is 35%; Steel and aluminium window products have a 6% share; Other materials accounted for 4% of the rest. In terms of yield, huang revealed only the number of aluminium window products, about 150 million square meters.

Later, plastic Aluminum Windows appeared, another consumption boom, plastic Aluminum Windows was one of the essential products of high-end residential decoration. But the good flower is not always open, the good scenery not often in, the original very good new product, actually go into the dilemma of the two. The price of raw materials should be priced, otherwise consumers will go away. And was back at this time of the aluminum alloy Aluminum Windows, with a hot broken bridge technology coupled with hollow glass and color appearance, solve the many shortcomings of performance, has become the pronoun of high-grade aluminium window.

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