Aluminum Window Become The Mainstream In Window Industry

- Jul 18, 2016-

The development of window:

1.      Wood window




Disadvantage of wood window: waste of natural resource; poor performance of water proof, fire proof, air tightness, sound proof; Easy to deformation change color.


2.      Steel window: In the beginning of 20th century, steel window became popular instead of wood window, especially started from 1960s, the market occupancy rate of steel window was over 70%. 



Disadvantage of wood window: Steel window has its critical defect: fast transmission of heat, poor performance of heat insulation; easy gets rust, affect its outlooking and useful life.  


3.      Aluminum window: In 1970s, because its good performance of anti-corrosion, fire resistance, plasticity, lightness, many color choices and good looking, aluminum window quickly replaced steel window and became popular in the market.




4.      UPVC window: In 1980s, the appearance of UPVC window has improved the heat insulation performance of window; window and door industry entered the energy saving age. UPVC window were widely used.



But the aging of UPVC makes its color change to yellow, transformation, so people turn back to aluminum window


5.      Thermal break aluminum window: In order to improve the heat insulation performance of aluminum window, people add a special material (nylon) between 2 aluminum profiles, nylon has the character of hard heat transmission, and this makes obstruction of heat transmission in aluminum profile. This profile is called thermal break aluminum profile.



The heat insulation performance of single profile aluminum window (6.4w/m2k) is lower than UPVC window, but thermal break aluminum window (1.8w/m2k) has better performance than UPVC window.

Compare other performance of aluminum window and UPVC window: wind pressure resistant strength of aluminum window (2500~3500pa) is higher than UPVC window (1500~2500pa).  Due to UPVC profile is bigger than aluminum profile, the Lighting performance of UPVC window is 10% lower than aluminum window, aluminum window makes better view of your house.  In air tightness performance, they are in the same level (2.5~0.5 m3/mh). Aluminum window and UPVC window also have similar performance in sound insulation value (20~26dB).

The surface treatment of aluminum profile can be powder coated, Anodizing, Wood transfer, Electrophoresis, PVDF coating, so aluminum window has more color choice than UPVC window.  


Due to its good performance as mentioned in above, Aluminum window now become the mainstream in window industry, and probably will last a long time. 

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