A New Solution To The Glass Curtain Wall Lighting

- Jul 12, 2017-

A new solution to the Glass Curtain Wall lighting

Building glass (" building glass "provided by the industry encyclopedia) is becoming more and more important in modern buildings. The application amount, type and function of building glass can be used as a symbol to evaluate the modernization of buildings. In particular, the decorative properties of the building glass can be said to be kaleidoscopic, without building glass, there is no modern architecture.
A large number of Glass Curtain Walls are currently being built, which can be used for any kind of function, which can be built in any country, without the number of layers, and the lack of the stamp style. But because glass is able to penetrate the light and the optical properties of the light and the ability to absorb light, the design of the landscape lighting with the construction is in a pattern. The development of semiconductor lighting has made breakthroughs in the lighting design of such buildings.
Lighting solutions for building colored glass
Colored glass is often large surface materials used in modern architecture, colored glass is darker, more material optical properties is characterized by light transmittance and reflectance (entry "reflection coefficient") provided by encyclopedia of industry is extremely low, high absorption coefficient, adopts the traditional way of illumination, often can't get a good result. This is because when project-light lamp irradiation from down to up the Glass Curtain Wall, the reflected light into the sky, when the Glass Curtain Wall looks black, if the lamps can be installed in high places, from the top down according to Glass Curtain Wall, and only a part of Glass Curtain Wall of reflected light toward the observer, and very bright, but the rest looks black.
How can ability pass through the light to reproduce glass to have the sense of beauty of the day? This is the problem of the landscape lighting designers. For large surface of colored glass processing of modern architecture lighting, using "architectural lighting" light-emitting device (light source) and the construction, deepening the only lighting lamps and lanterns of the right to the use of connotation and extension, and varied in form, let a person find everything new and fresh.
For colored glass lighting, solve the best solution, in addition to the traditional use project-light lamp, LED light source is the most ideal method to solve, the single photosynthetic efficiency is higher, the unit volume small, the design of elastic (entry "elastic") provided by encyclopedia of industry is very big, can maximum limit with light carrier structure characteristics, and easy installation. It provides a new lighting solution for such buildings. Such as wuxi zhenjiang "yaohan shopping mall" landscape lighting case.
The main characteristic of this building is that the main surface of the street is a colored glass body. Since the reflection coefficient is very low and the absorption coefficient is very high, large areas of flood lighting treatment has many helpless.
More than general Glass Curtain Wall, set in the aluminum "aluminum" provided by the industry encyclopedia (entry) or on steel frames, using LED lighting device installed directly in the fixed glass aluminum strip contact, make the lamps and lanterns became part of the building, completely won't destroy the visual effect of the building, see the light lamp. Pay attention to the size of the lighting device and the size of the building. As shown in figure (2), each line lamp is composed of 2 * 7 LED 14W, and the four lights form a set of ten, which is far more like a point light source, and the near view is the light of the cross. The control system produces blue, white and geometric changes. Make the "black body" in the night vivid, live, and effectively avoid the light pollution, restore the night sky starlight to be the natural color.

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