Free Jobsite Measurement

What's Free Jobsite Measurement?

Almost every month, our engineer will be invited to do measurement at jobsite in different countries, so if you have any on going projects need to do some measurement, please feel free to contact us, we will arrange our engineer to visit you and do the measurement free for you. 

Only pay the accommodation, meal and ticket for our engineer is OK, no other cost. 

What's more, if our engineer stay in your country in happen, then the ticket is free for you...


For example, our engineer will visit Dhaka city, Bangladesh in July 24th to 30th, so my friend, if you are have ongoing projects in Dhaka city, kindly please contact us then we will take measurement for your project totally free...

Why Jobsite Measurement?

You may have an idea that, taking measurement at building jobsite is very easy, just take the size for the opening, like windows opening, door opening and so on… most of the local worker can do it. 

Yes, you are right, for some simple products like windows and doors, most of worker can do it, but comes to some complicated items, like staircase railing, glass curtain wall, these items require the size very accurate then the measurement should take by experienced engineer.


Advantages Of Taking Measurement By Our Engineer

1, All sizes are took by our engineer, match the design perfectly.

2, No difference between products size and opening size.

3, Avoid potential problem during installation.

4, Taking all responsibility by us.


How To Do ?

Contact Us as followed information, then we will reply you in 24 hours with details:


WhatsApp/Wechat/Mobile: 0086 135 2840 9815