Glass Partition

Glass Partition

Glass Partition Glass Type Single glass with 10/12/15mm tempered glass.Double Glass with 5+6A+6mm, 6+9A+6mm tempered.Laminated glass with 5+0.76PVB+5mm / 6+1.14PVB+6mm / 8+1.52PVB+8mm.LOW E glass.U G

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If you are looking for one stop project solution for glass partition, HomesDeco Industry is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial glass partition in China, welcome to get customized, projected and new design office glass partition, office partition glazing from our factory.

Glass Partition 


Glass Type 

Single glass with 10/12/15mm tempered glass.

Double Glass with 5+6A+6mm, 6+9A+6mm tempered.

Laminated glass with 5+0.76PVB+5mm / 6+1.14PVB+6mm / 8+1.52PVB+8mm.

LOW E glass.

U Grove Chanel: carbon steel.

Metal cladding: 304 stainless steel with mirror finished.

Partition Frame/Beam: aluminum with powder coated or anodizing.


For full container loading, protective film for aluminum profile, then bubble cover whole windows, and put in the plywood pallet.

For Less container loading, plastic foam inside for 1st protection, and plywood carton outside for 2nd protection.

Marks: Including item name, serial number, installation location, size and quantity.


Goods: Aluminum Glass Curtain Wall

Original Place: China

Item No.:GP1 – GP 10

Items: Glass panel for curtain wall

Package Size: 1050 X 1550 x 550mm

Item Size: 1000 x 1500 x 30

Location: 1st floor, North Side.

Weight: 500 KG

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