About Us

Our Vision   

HomesDeco Industry, The Professional Manufacturer In Aluminum and Glass System.

After working 9 years in building materials industry, we founded HOMESDECO in 2010 with experienced, and the main target of HOMESDECO is being the exterior building materials solution provider in globally, including the aluminum glass curtain wall, aluminum cladding, aluminum windows and doors, aluminum and glass railing.

Our Advantage

We have our own advantages for the oversea projects, named ”One Stop Project Solution”. It means that we can provide the design, measurement, production, shipping, installation and after sales service for the whole project. This will save your time and energy greatly, and control the potential problem during installation. 

For example, the size of some products are different with the building openning, and it will caused the installation problem and delay the project. What's more, designing and installation are the most key points for the whole project,  need the experienced engineers very much!

CEO Words

Let Made in China = Made in Germany.

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